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IPOD 5 MANUAL This is a tutorial how to use the new iPod touch! This article would give you a quick overview on how to set up your IPOD 5 when the ipod touch wont turn on and how to access online the IPOD 5 MANUAL. You will need a computer with iTunes (www.itunes.com), access to the internet, an email address and a credit card.

After the initial charge of the battery, connect your iPod 5 to a computer with iTunes by plugging it in the USB port. Following a few screens you will create an Apple ID (using your email address) and associate a credit card to it (required - will be used if you purchase paid apps in the future). In no more than a few minutes you will be done and ready to go.

Operation of the iPod 5 is easy and intuitive. Most commands will appear on screen, including a full keyboard. The round button at the front bottom is used for getting out of applications back to the home menu. Double-click it for switching apps.

The best thing about the iPod is the amount of available apps; make sure you access the apps store and search for application of your interest. You can browse through featured ones, check Top 25 paid or free, or simply search by keyword. Facebook, Tweeter, Skype, eBay ect. those are only a few of the most commonly used apps. Your iPod 5 is basically a mix between a computer and a smart phone, so make the most of it. If you need additional information or detail, you can access the iPod touch manual at http://IPODTOUCHWIKI.COM.

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